2010. április 26., hétfő

One fine Saturday evening...

We just wanted to feed ourselves then our souls were being fed too in this nicely renovated Georgian Period Townhouse on 20 Mountjoy Square.Bistro Louie`s opened about a year ago. High quality food represented with a Mediterranean twist, friendly service, superb wines, reasonable prices and smart offers. Fresh mussels with tomato and saffron cream, baked goats cheese with quince puree, noisettes of Irish lamb and medallions of pork fillet followed by scorched strawberries and a bottle of Italian Merlot. Just exactly what we needed and even more... In this nice atmosphere we felt like we were in Italy or France without being cheesy and just as simple as it should be. Will definitely go back and highely recommend this small gem for anyone who wants to get good quality food for their money.


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